Golden Globes Wrap-Up: The Blah's Have It

Golden Globes Wrap-Up: The Blah's Have It

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Did you tune into the Golden Globes last night? From the moment Scarlett Johansen stepped out onto the stage to present the first award, the name of the game was "nude." It seemed like every other woman presenting an award or in the audience had on some form of nude/ivory/peach/blush gown. Perhaps it's the somber mood of the country following the Arizona tragedy- nobody wanted to look too conspicuous, too showy, sort of like what happened after 9/11. While I understand the need for restraint, the fashion was a bit boring overall. But considering we got a big 'ol dose of Christian Bale five minutes into the show, I'm NOT complaining!

A preggers Natalie Portman looked lovely in a gathered peach dress with sequiny rose accent. Natalie rarely goes wrong, and she looked lovely and appropriate while accepting her award (but her joke about her fiance was kinda weird).

Emma Stone- I hardly recognized her since she's normally a robust redhead (she was in Superbad). But, I loved this minimalist look...I would have added a necklace though...or some lipstick.

Anne Hathaway- she looked glamorous in nude sequins, crazy shoulderpads and all. Definitely one of the most glam outfits of the evening.

Scarlett Johansen- this is actually a good picture of her dress- in real life when she was presenting, it was much less flattering- kind of droopy up top.

Melissa Leo- I thought this dress was both glamorous and age-appropriate. The unique shape of the straps was lovely.

 Kyra Sedgewick's yellow dress reminds me of Michelle Williams's Oscar dress from a few years ago. I love the color...finally an eye-catching hue!

Eva Longoria she actually looked surprisingly demure (well, save for the cleavage) and sophisticated. Shedding her philandering NBA player husband looks to have agreed with her.

 Amy Adams - I love this blue color with her hair, and love this style of dress. The gathered accents stand out but don't overpower. 

Something just looked off about Angelina Jolie. Her hair is limp and stringy. This loose-fitting sequin dress looks like it came from the Blanche Deveraux collection. Even arm candy like Brad couldn't save this look.  

Natalie Portman wasn't the only lovely pregnant lady on hand- Jane Krakowski looks amazing in this one shoulder dress!

I usually admire Michelle Williams's gamine, indie style, but boy did she go wrong with this dress! The color looks like burlap, the fit makes her look dumpy, and those daisies? This looks like it belongs on Dakota Fanning at the premiere of Uptown Girls.

You might think we'd hate on Helena Bonham Carter for being such a hot mess, but you know what, this lady's totally rad. Have you seen The King's Speech? She's absolutely brilliant and has earned the right to wear two different colored shoes to awards shows. And at least she's not wearing nude!

Anyone in particular I missed? What did you think of last night's Golden Globe fashions?

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