The End of Summer...

The End of Summer...

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Labor Day has unofficially ended summer (and sadly white jeans, straw bags, and seersucker), but there are some things we just love about this time of year.

Seas of mums at every farmer's market and hardware store:

Those first football games of the season:

Pulling the Barbour jacket out of storage, in hopes of a cool day soon on which to wear it:

Sweet, juicy scuppernongs (they are addictive!).  My grandmother's house has a big scuppernong arbor in the back yard where we always spent hours in the late August, picking everything that the birds didn't get first.  The Fresh Market (my favorite grocery store, by far) has some great ones now too!

Empty beaches.  The summer crowds are gone, so now I'm ready to go back to Isle of Palms!

Fun Fall nail colors like Graphite!

A few leaves starting to turn yellow:

Fresh candy corn on the shelves of every store (Brach's is my favorite):

Trading in Jack Rogers for cheetah flats:

What are your favorite things about late summer?

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