credit crunch couture (in more detail)

credit crunch couture (in more detail)

Style : My Luella bag is going to make it's first outing in society tomorrow. I'm going to central London for a yarn hunting/ shopping trip, taking me from Walthamstow, to Islington and ending at Oxford Circus. I'm really excited as I haven't done any high street shopping for ages, so plan to visit the Topshop mecca, as well as Uniqlo and American Apparel (must has to be tried on before I order online) before I head back to Uni.

I thought I'd relive my Bicester purchases again. I picked up these tartan Zac Posen for Wolford tights, and I've fallen in love with them all over again after finally trying them on. I'm thinking about layering cream tights underneath, for warmth etc.

They also come in a posh box, and I'm going to keep them safe in there. I don't want them to have the same inevitable fate as my Primark numbers.

The Luella bag never ceases to amaze me, I discovered a further pocket just recently, nestled near the handles. It's going to fit an awful lot of my crap in, so this is probably the neatest it'll be for a very long time. These are the charms close up, love the randomness of a heart and skeleton combination.

My knitting books have also been providing me with a lot of useful inspiration. Weardowney features this funky Sonia Rykiel Fairisle, which I'll hopefully be seeing more of when I go to her exhibition in Paris. My swatching project at the moment needs lots of this kind of thing, so am trying to conjure up a pattern as we speak.

I wish I could find the time to knit cables like these, but seeing as my Yookoo style scarf has been abandoned at the moment, I highly doubt it. Still, it's nice to dream. I see cardigans galore, just waiting to be knitted.

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