can anyone speak russian?

can anyone speak russian?

Style : Today I managed to get up at the crack of dawn, to head on to the local charter market to stock up on fashion magazines. You see, I never pay full price for anything, and magazines are no exception. Bromley Market sells slightly out of date (OK I did see a Vogue from April 08) magazines at the bargain price of 75p each, or 3 for £2. You never really know what you'e going to come home with. Sometimes I end up with ID, Pop or Dazed, or some random Collezioni edition, and I've picked up Plastique, Oyster, 10, Tank, Purple, Soon and Another Magazine in the past. The best buy was Self-Service, a massive tome of fashion fun and frolics, but I haven't seen any of those for a while. Today I picked up these beauties:

The Sportswear International Yearbook book retails at around €50 but I got it for 67p! Perfect for any sporty inspiration that I may need in the future. I also picked the Russian Vogue last to get my 6 for £4 deal, but cannot make head nor tail of it. It is obviously an A/W edition, due to it's thickness and the crazy amounts of fur and chunky knitwear on it's pages. Though I am anti-fur, I almost feel tempted in these arctic temperatures to don something as cosy as the fur dress by Akris. I've never really been into fur, real or fake, as the texture kind of freaks me out, but seeing as the wetlook leggings and long tops won me over, who knows what I could be wearing next Winter...

Hopefully something furry in texture, but knitted like the Tim Ryan coats featured on Style Bubble.

It also had an interesting article about CSM students, at least I think it would be an interesting article, as of course, I don't understand Russian. I like an interesting knit as you might have guessed, and these see-through cables look really exciting. Just wish I could make out the names to find out more...

I'd love to have these Russian dolls on my manterlpiece. The bottom designs are by Giles and Marc Jacobs, my scanner didn't take kindly to scanning 500 page magazines you see.

Update 06/05/09: Well I still can't speak russian, but now know the above knits are by Irina Shaposhnikova. Knitkicks has a bit more about her on her blog, she's actually figured out how it's done, but remember, you heard it here first!

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