Brightening Things Up With a Coat of Paint

Brightening Things Up With a Coat of Paint

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I have been playing around with our family room for a couple months now, trying different furniture arrangements and accessories.  I made new curtains for the windows, and I love what they do for the room.  But the yellow walls just weren't doing it for me. 

Because there are so many trees in our backyard, our family room doesn't get good natural light at all.  It's such a challenge to make it bright, which is one reason why I chose such bright fabrics (and lots of mirrors) for the room.

But the yellow just started to feel a bit depressing.

So I decided to paint the walls.  After three sample-buying trips to Sherwin Williams, I decided on a light bluish aqua that is a few shades lighter than the bluish aqua in my ikat sofa fabric (Robert Allen Khandar Jewel).  The walls are paneled, so between the paneling and the lack of natural light, it was a challenge to find the right color that reacted the way I wanted it to.  But I finally found one!

I didn't take any pictures while the painting project was in progress.  When I take a lot of pictures of a project so that I can blog about it, it never turns out the way I want it to.  So I figured if I didn't take any photos, it would turn out great. 

The room feels so much fresher and bigger now!

We are coffee table-less until the little ones get older.  I know the room needs one.

This room has more than 2 walls, I promise.  The unphotographed side is weighed down with unattractive toys, and I don't have the time or energy to move them out to take pictures.  Before children, I used to say I would buy only pretty wooden toys and avoid all the ugly plastic ones.  HA.  If only.

Have you tackled any painting projects lately?  Have a great weekend!  I'm so excited for the cooler weather that's headed our way!

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