Brand New Bag

Brand New Bag

Style : navy blue leather satchel
Shirt, tights - vintage/current M&S
Tee - American Apparel
Skirt - Topshop
I'm pretty loyal to my bags, mainly due to pure laziness.  It takes me approximately 3-6 months to rotate between styles and I'm extremely fussy.  I don't want bling or too much going on, just minimal details and clean lines.  This is perhaps why I love satchels so much, they remind me of a simpler time when my only worries were homework and remembering my P.E kit but are now extremely current with numerous colours available.  Although I love my tan satchel to bits, I wanted to change to a different colour for Autumn and decided on a shiny navy style from The Leather Satchel Company.  myI also got my initials engraved to stamp a bit of ownership onto it and was pleased to find that the company offers numerous extras to make the bag perfect for each individual  One thing that annoyed me about my previous satchel was the difficulty getting in and out of the bag and with my OCD tendencies of checking for things, the straps got worn pretty quickly.  No such problem this time, I now have magnetic fasteners to check that all my wordly possessions are intact and a comfy shoulder pad for when I fill it with too much rubbish.

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satchel blurb

navy satchel

what's in my bag

Contents of said grown up bag: house keys, Ibuprofen, Maoam, Moleskine diary, fineliner pen, business cards, Oyster card, Carmex, Blackberry, Marc Jacobs mirror compact, work identity pass, purse

What are your thoughts on satchels?  I'm loving having a slightly more grown up style and my only regret is missing out my mysterious middle initial.  Most of my 'reviews' on this blog are rather hidden, but as an avid satchel wearer I thought I'd focus on the bag and share how happy I am with it so far.  Expect to see the satchel a lot more often until I move on to my next colour, I'm thinking red and slightly smaller...

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