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As any mother of a little boy can attest, it's the little girls that seem to have cornered the market for ooh-and-aah worthy clothing and accessories. Girls get a wonderland of pink and ruffles, or cheerful graphic prints, while boys are often stuck with the same tired red, blue and boats routine. However, we've recently felt inspired by some fabulous and thoughtful boys' rooms that are anything but blah. Their vibrant colors and sophisticated touches are certinly giving little girls a run for their money. These are rooms that little guys can grow into, not that they'll outgrow. Here are a few of our personal faves...

Aerin's Lauder's East Hampton Home in Elle Decor

Angie Hranowsky

Ashley Hicks in Elle Decor

Delphine Krakoff

Fran Keenan

Massuco Warner Miller

Meg Braff

Tom Stringer in Traditional Home

Traditional Home

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