Beyond Oxford Street

Beyond Oxford Street

Style : Travelling into Central London is always an occasion for me. Even though I live in the capital, my neighbourhood is not really part of the bright lights of the West End or the 'trendy' north east areas. I live in the forgotten, tube-less area which no one north of Clapham seems to have heard of, so it's nice to have the change in surroundings. After my Aussie adventure, I made the most of my travelcard and decided to visit some of the pricey shops I'd been talking about here, purely for inspiration and too see some designer items up close, rather than from my laptop. First things first, here's the epic cardigan I found at the Joy event. It immediately screamed to me Complex Geometries with a shape previously unseen in my cardigan collection.

Still loving my Docs...

Showing it off, man, I could get tangled in this when half asleep.

This wonderful creation is not your typical long cardigan. It has a long scarf-like strip attached to the sides, and huge batwing sleeves for maximum volume. The built in scarf can be draped around the front or even worn as a makeshift hood on a bad hair day. There's even some handy pockets, which caused much excitement while exploring it the other day, and doubled it's practicality. Baggy cardigans are not generally my thing, but I like how the features here are so unusual, and how it looks with a tighter silhouette on the bottom half. It will definitely be an Autumn (and probably Winter, Spring and Summer) wardrobe staple.

Lovely pixelated pattern by Undercover found at Dover Street Market

Here are some interesting snaps of the rest of the day. Feeling rather fancy in my cardigan, I finally made the long awaited trip to Dover Street Market. Dover Street and the surrounding areas are like another world, hidden behind all the typical tourist traps (reminds me of Diagon alley in Harry Potter, strange analogy I know). With all the flash cars and even flasher shoppers, I felt like I could be in Monaco, and had many episodes of bag envy. However I didn't let this put me off, I wandered into some shops and took a few pictures of some interesting bits, using my covert photography skills. Next time I do this, a notebook is definitely needed (to get even funnier looks) as there was so much I liked that I couldn't photograph.

Went into an A.P.C store for the first time ever, a very chic store with a pared down aesthetic, contrasting with some interesting artwork on the walls. I really loved some riding boots there, but they were £400! Damn this unfavourable exchange rate, keeping me from buying French clothing.

Just had to snap this Pringle cardigan from outside, even though the security guard was giving me evils.
Loved the sculptural quality, especially on the cables on the arms and the tiered hem detail.

Spied some nice bobbly knits at N.Peal. I'd love a more extreme version.

Here is the Missoni coat I featured now seen by me in real life at Browns. The cardigan felt lovely, and was such a nice contrast with the tailored overcoat.

Gotta love a bit of Chanel. Was too scared to go in the shop, so had to admire from afar. This necklace pretty much wipes the floor with all the ones I own. One day I'll venture day.

Doing inspirational window shopping is quite a cheap day out as the only thing I had to pay for was food and travel! I'd made a mental note to visit Ella's Bakehouse in Covent Garden, after reading a few magazine features and literally salivating at the pictures. After feeling slightly bewildered in crowded Oxford Street, we decided to make the trek. I was not to be disappointed.

Being the indecisive person I am, I decided to get 1.5 cupcakes; the Vanilla and Red Velvet flavours (if I could marry a cupcake, it would be this one). Both very yummy and very memorable. I would recommend going there a bit before they close, as when I bought 3 extra to bring home for my family, I hadn't realised that the assistant had put in a few extra! So I was able to have another when I got home! That's a lot of cupcakes...

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