Better with Age

Better with Age

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When MoS Washington posted yesterday about how she cleaned up her Hunter wellies with Armor All, someone commented that wellies should look beat-up and worn, not shiny and clean.  While we don't necessarily agree with regard to wellies, we do agree that there are some things that look better with age. 

Here are some things we think get better with age...

The classic Barbour jacket, when the waxed canvas gets softer and starts to form to your shape.

Running shoes that have been worn a few times and aren't so shiny and white.

Louis Vuitton bags, when the colors are more saturated and the shape starts to sag a bit.

Jeans that are perfectly worn in and starting to fade, just the right amount.

Classic polo shirts that have been washed so many times they start to feel like tee shirts.

A vintage watch, with the original band and a few scratches that have accumulated over time.

A favorite sweatshirt, so old that it still has your college laundry number written on the tag.

A Jeep, especially if it has wood paneling.

Well-loved books, read so many times that the cover has faded and the spine has started to tear.

Do you agree that there are some things that look better with age?

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