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Style : I didn't quite know what to expect when I was asked to attend a bloggers shopping evening at Joy. Finding the venue was a bit like a treasure hunt in itself, as I was running late and trying to locate a phoneless guest (aka Bianca), while trying not to fall over in my Agnes boots. Luckily I found the venue (and eventually Bianca found me) and soon enough I was sipping champagne (perhaps a bit too much of that) and chatting with some interesting bloggers. The aim was to promote the wonderful thing that Joy is doing for the month of September; hiding miniature Ford Ka's worth £10 (and a few worth £100 on the last Friday of the month) around all their stores. We were treated to an exclusive preview and were able to find one car each worth £60!

So the image referencing could get a bit confusing in this post; some of these photos were taken by the lovely Camille, and others by my battered excuse for a camera. You can probably tell; the ones that look bright, perfectly focused and full of life don't belong to me (sobs).

We were given a few of these miniatures as souvenirs. May have to hide them in my room and pretend there's more vouchers somewhere.

Getting to grips with the ultimate cardigan; My future home needs things like this; I loved this rope detail dress, was the frontrunner at one point; Phwoar, saucy book alert!

Now the combination of champagne, shopping, and meeting bloggers was an unusual one, and it took me a bit of time to get into shopping mode. However, once I was there, the possibilities were endless. Joy is a store I've visited a few times before, and loved it's mix of independent labels, artistic books and quirky home furnishings. Being the knit obsessive that I am, I immediately zoned in on a draped cardigan by Danish label mbym (I hope they stock more of their stuff). At £60, it took care of all my vouchers, but as I kept repeating to myself as I tried it on (perhaps a little too much), 'It has to be done.' The cardigan will be shown in it's full glory in a future post, I can't wait to show you all it's amazingness.

Met the lovely Nicola who needed some help to decide on shoes. Both had their good points, but we agreed the shoe on the right had the most Autumn/Winter potential.

When all else fails, pose with some tights.

Two ways to show excitement at recieving free clothes. Which do you prefer?

Here's a nice picture we managed to take with the self-timer. The camera was balanced on an escalator.

The shopping evening gradually came to a conclusion but I was still chatting with Reena, Ozzy and Bianca. We took our blogger fuelled conversation outside for a bit, then realised we were a bit chilly and gradually made our way to London Bridge station, where we chatted even more. The highlight was trying out some 'Superstar Blogger' poses, which I really wish we'd taken some pictures of (think of toast). I really enjoyed meeting some fellow bloggers; it seems the UK blogger scene is getting a bit of recognition at the minute, and I'm finding very refreshing (and slightly surreal) to meet some of you in person. I had to introduce myself as having the blog 'I Want You to Know', (a fellow blogger thought I'd said 'I Want You Tonight', what a blog that would be...) and kind of describe the things I post about here. It feels nice to be judged on my own merit, rather than some of the other things I do in my everyday life and I'm slightly overwhelmed by a lot of kindness at the moment. Hope to see more of you soon.

Thanks again to Joy, We are Social, and Go Find It. Find out more about the Joy events here.

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