all over the shop

all over the shop

Style : You know you're in the midst of a recession when your friend starts a conversation with 'Guess what happened when I was in Poundland?' (incidentally she got ID'd trying to buy a razor). With all these depressing yet confusing headlines, and limited funds, I decided to take a well earned trip into Central London last week. I'd hadn't really been shopping for a while, plus I needed to buy fabric and yarn for my current project, as well as new clothes for a new year. After coveting the Louise Goldin for Topshop leggings for ages, but not wanting to foot the £100 price tag, then seeing them on sale at £50, then £25, then being disappointed when the completely sold out, I'd been through the full range of emotions. I'd heard on the grapevine there were a few larger sizes floating around at Oxford Circus, so I should expect a rummage, but I literally just wandered over to the sale area, and was greeted by the perfect size small on a random rail. It's like they were calling out, 'buy me, buy me.' Luckily they fit nicely and I consider them research for my future knitting career. Everything knitted is research. Plus they're 100% wool and made in Italy, so pretty good considering.

I also picked up some loose cardigans in the Zara and Bershka sales, perfect for layering with all these long tops I want to buy.Also bought some more yarn for the scarf I gave up on before I started the Yokoo scarf, which I've subsequently now given up on. I've now finished it and wear it as a sculptural piece, I like it because it can look different every time I wear it and of course, it's seriously warm and does a far better job than my checked scarf.

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