Alexa Chung for Madewell Collection

Alexa Chung for Madewell Collection

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This week, J Crew's hip(ster) little sister, Madewell, introduced its first line by British trendsetter Alexa Chung. I'd read about the collaboration in January when the Daily Mail published this article, so I  was curious to see how things would end up (If the NY Post and Life & Style had a British lovechild, it would be the Daily Mail. But it feels classier because hey, they've got a Royals section. Ha!)

For those of you who don't obsessively read the British tabloids, Alexa Chung is a popular young girl-about-town in London. She's a "Presenter" for MTV, which in Brit-speak means she hosts TV shows. I've never actually seen footage of her on TV, but across the pond she's quite an "it" girl when it comes to fashion. Not buttoned-up high designer fashion and tottering heels like Posh Spice, but impossibly cool, "I just threw this on" type of downtown fashion.

Of course, a picture says a thousand words, so here are a few.

Admittedly, I still don't see how the pink ruffled tiered satin prom dress fits into her aesthetic. But the dress on the right is certainly more representative.

Ah, those lucky Brits are always getting to sport "festival attire" (left)- which is basically anything hip paired with wellies.

She's even got her own Mulberry bag named after her, the Alexa.

It looks like the Madewell collection has thus far been a success, since quite a few of the pieces are sold out. Not everything is translatable to everyday life...for example, no matter how much I embrace my inner indie style, I just don't think I'll sport the Striped Poly Coverall Dress.

However, most of the other pieces would certainly find a front & center spot in my closet- they seem perfect for adding a little downtown edge to an otherwise conservative wardrobe.

Love the short silhouette of this double breasted Diana Cropped Jacket.

This Harriet Pintuck Dress reminds me of something Michelle Williams would wear. A touch of Marc Jacobs influence, perhaps.

You could style the Betty Tea Dress in quite a few different ways. It could go uptown/polished with a chunky pearl necklace and Lauren Merkin clutch. Or, as shown here, it gets a cooler edge to it with a casual brown belt and tights/booties.

These Christian Skinny Jeans in Pebble Wash are sold out. I like the higher rise. There is nothing worse than skinny jeans that sit super low, because once they stretch out, you're forever pulling them up at the risk of looking like a plumber!

The Tennessee Dotted Velvet Dress also looks very versatile for fall.

What do you think of the new Alexa Chung for Madewell Collection? Would you wear it head to toe? Incorporate a few key pieces? Or is it not "pretty" enough for you? We want to know!

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