48 Hours in London

48 Hours in London

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I seem to get a lot of my vital information from Twitter these days, such as who's divorcing who, where to find a discounted dress and how to light a gas oven.  I've even won a few competitions.  All very random.  It just so happened that I glanced at my feed during one of my 'Working At Home' days when Jazmine tweeted about getting V&A Kenzo Fashion in Motion tickets.  This is an event that the museum puts on showcasing designer collections for free, meaning that anyone can get the Fashion Week experience providing they can get tickets before the masses (and be quite happily put on hold for a very long time).  Within the next hour I had somehow obtained tickets, booked a train out of The Shire and invited Winnie along, all because of reading a tweet I could have so easily missed!

Kenzo Fashion in Motion at the V&A

Kenzo Fashion in Motion at the V&A

Kenzo Fashion in Motion at the V&A

Kenzo Fashion in Motion at the V&A

Kenzo Fashion in Motion at the V&A

Kenzo Fashion in Motion at the V&A
Not the best photos, must've been shaking to pure excitement (and being told off for blocking someone's view)

I'm can't really pinpoint when exactly I became a Kenzo fan but I guess the eclectically collaged prints of the label drew me in each season (and the gorgeous window displays of the Paris store sealed the deal).  The house was originally formed in 1970 by Kenzo Takada, but since Antonio Marras' appointment as creative director in 2008, his own Sardinian heritage has been injected into the label known for combining elements of East and West.   I'd read first hand accounts about the recent Spring 2011 collection on another blog, but it was amazing to see a show with the key Kenzo elements for myself.  I really liked the staging at the end where all the models stood still for a bit (see a short video here) and you could admire everything side by side and see the progression of colour throughout the looks.  After the show, Winnie and I admired the commemorative book in the shop, which was covered in beautiful cloth and even contained pop-up pages inside.  A definite must for the growing Christmas list.
Japan Centre Soba Noodles

Of course the day wouldn't have been complete without a Japan Centre visit. I was quite shocked to find that the magazines were far more expensive than back in Kinokuniya in NYC (Jille is £11 here in comparison to $8 in the States), even though they must have to travel a similar sort of distance.  Why do we get ripped off all the time in the UK?  Rant over, I did manage pick up some bargainous noodles  for about £1.37 that I almost never want to open due to the mysterious packaging.  How I wish I could understand Japanese!

Winnie from Diamondcanopy

Fiona from Save our Shoes

We also managed to grab Fiona for a spot of dinner at Giraffe in Spitalfields.  Winnie had her tea in the cutest teapot and Fiona, well, she had a placemat.

Design Museum by Shad Thames

Drawing Fashion Design Museum

Bernard Blossac Illustration

Antonio Lopez tights illustration
More pictures here

The next day I managed to stop by the Drawing Fashion exhibition at the Design Museum, celebrating back to basics fashion illustration with no computer wizardry in sight.  Of course I was drawn (geddit) to a piece by Antonio Lopez showcasing good old tights.  It's funny to think that magazines just featured illustrations around fifty years ago, before being ousted slightly by the growing medium of photography.  It was interesting to see how modern illustrators such as Aurore de la Morinerie manage to differentiate themselves using techniques I'd never come across before (namely monotype).  Just goes to show that Photoshop isn't everything!


Building near Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge in London

After that, I had to quickly catch my train at Kings Cross and I was off back to The Shire and mountains of Uni work.  I can't wait to be reunited with London in just under a month!

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